Gellért Hill

Among the places to visit in Budapest, there are many alternatives, especially for those who want to watch the city view from the top. Undoubtedly, the Buda part of the city stands out when it comes to looking at Budapest from above and enjoying the unique view that stretches before your eyes. Gellért Hill is one of the most impressive places you can go in Buda, which is flat and full of hills compared to the central Pest region. The road, which is surrounded by greenery, offers the pleasure of being intertwined with nature. As you ascend 235 meters above sea level, you can feel as if you are climbing a mountain. At the end of the journey, you will see a Budapest view that is worth all your effort. Although I think not only the scenery, but the road itself is a bit tiring, but it is beautiful and enjoyable. When you come to the top, you can see the Danube and Budapest in all their beauty, and at the same time take lots of photos. There are also snack bars and some small souvenir shops